selling tees, cardigans, tops, bathingsuit,etc take a look!

Hey everyone! Take a look at what I am selling, I have many new items. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! I will be glad to measure if you want or take more pictures of an item. Just leave a comment here or at my entry on my own LJ. If you are interested, go to my LJ post and you can buy on paypal from there right away. Items will be shipped immediately after purchase confirmed. I'll also accept refunds if it was not what you expected.

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Sale Sale Sale!

My own shop! (: Checked frequently, but too big to put in a sales post. Mostly plus sizes (with the occasional odd sizes). From size Large to XXL! Many brands including American Eagle, Abercrombie, Hollister and more... from exclusive plus size dresses from Asia too! Plus shoes and bags. Will be updated frequently. MANY, MANY size 16-18 pants!

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Prices are negotiable, shipping rates not included.
Will offer discounts on big batches.
run for your lifeeeee

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feel free to post and join. also, i'm looking for two people to help moderate it as sometimes i forget to check lj for days or get super busy. all i ask is that you not be over-sensitive and ban happy. thanks!